Friday, October 28, 2011

What I love about sewing.

These pattern pieces have been sitting on my guest bed all week:

Yet despite not having too much on my plate this week, I couldn't get myself to start the project.  I've been trying to figure out why.  I have a pattern for a dress I think is both cute and practical.  I have fabric I love, which is already washed and ironed.  What is stopping me?

It got me to thinking about what I love about sewing.  I definitely love getting new patterns.  I love going fabric shopping, imagining how "this" fabric would look with "that" pattern.  And of course I love touching the fabrics. I don't even mind washing and ironing them before starting the project.

But I don't always love tracing the pattern pieces (although sometimes I do enjoy it).  And I really don't love cutting out the fabric.  About a month ago I bought myself some fancy pattern weights (half off at JoAnn's!), hoping it might make the task a little less tedious.  But no.

I love sewing straight lines.  On fabrics that aren't challenging.  I like making gathers, but not attaching the gathered piece to a flat piece.  I don't mind inserting zippers or making buttonholes, but I don't like setting in sleeves.

I like making pieces that fit well, but I don't like making muslins or alterations.

So it seems that about half of the work of sewing something is stuff I don't like to do!  However, I'm really hoping to get a good start on this dress over the weekend:

Lisette Portfolio Dress

This looks like an easy-to-wear A-line dress that I could get a lot of use out of.  It's great for spring or for fall or winter, depending on the fabric you use.  I got some kooky thin corduroy that I really like:

And I can just see wearing this dress with some bright tights and boots.

All I have to do is make it.


  1. I feel almost exactly the same way about sewing...except that I really don't like ironing the fabric beforehand. I also don't like cutting out the pattern pieces from the tissue. If I had someone to do all the prep work for both sewing and cooking so that I could just create, mise in place, I'd do a lot more of both, LOL!

    I love the fabric you chose!

  2. Getting started (or restarted) is usually the hardest part, right?

  3. Getting started IS the hardest part! Although, with knitting, it's the easiest part! Hmmmm . . .

  4. That might be a good business idea: do all the prep work!

  5. LOVE the corduroy you picked for the dress. It makes me feel that the groovy paisley I have earmarked for the same pattern is doable :) I think you hit the nail on the head with sewing - getting started is definitely harder than in knitting.

  6. BUT! I got all the pieces made and cut out today! Yay! Sewing tomorrow!

  7. I hear you; there are some parts of making quilts that I procrastinate about terribly. Design phase is my favorite, piecing is okay, sandwiching the layers and basting is something I would pay someone else to do if I could.

  8. I love piecing quilts (see: sewing straight lines!) but I have a hard time choosing fabrics, and I can't stand quilting! For that reason, most of my quilts have been tied!

  9. I always find that I have to cut it out on one day, take a rest and then get to sewing it. Don't know why. It also takes me a long time to finally finish things off, like sewing the hems, attaching the hook and eyes.

  10. I've noticed I'm doing the same thing:
    one day for making the pattern, another day for cutting out, and another day (or two or three) for sewing. Makes it more manageble somehow!


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