Friday, October 14, 2011

Dark Chocolate Clutch

Has anyone noticed how all these names are ice-cream or candy related?  An insight into my soul . . .

This last one is now my favorite:

I used the cute ditsy floral left over from one of my Sorbettos for the lining:

I took the picture with my phone inside for size reference.  My phone is huge, so you can see how much space is in there.  I can fit all my essentials, which for me means phone, packet of kleenex (constant allergies), ID, cards and money, keys, lip balm and tiny tube of cuticle cream.  Possibly even sunglasses, if I wear a smaller one.

Here's me stroking it:

Mmmmm . . . so soft.  That's China Glaze Traffic Jam, by the way.  I put it on last night and I'm quite taken with it.  Here's a closer look:

In my head I keep calling this Raspberry Jam (again with the sugary stuff), and it really is more raspberry than my camera could capture.   It's nice to have something vibrant on the nails after all the dark, somber colors I've been wearing lately.  The sun even came out today, so I can enjoy it properly!

Only one more purse frame left.  I have a feeling I'll need to order more . . .


  1. Chocolate and 'raspberries' Oh, I mean Traffic Jam.
    Chocolate goes well with either.


  2. Once again, your choice of lining is just perfect! Did you use or template or draft the pattern yourself?

  3. Have you thought about selling these? They're beautiful and they'd make a great Xmas gift. You could open a little Etsy pop up shop!

  4. Yup, yup, I did notice all the sugar references, LOL! BTW, I got an ice cream maker!

    Both the clutch and the nails look awesome as usual. I think the nails might even match the lining? :-)

  5. Oh geez, Gerry! Now I want a Ted Drewes' Fox Treat Sundae!!

    This is a copyrighted pattern, so I can't sell these. And the truth is, everything is all about me, so I wouldn't want to!! Much too busy making things for myself to worry about making them for others! I am planning on making some as gifts though.

    But I may venture into making my own pattern. I've been thinking about color-blocking, because I have lots of little pieces now.

    Congrats on the ice cream maker, SKP! Don't do like I did when I first got mine, and eat ice cream *every single day*. Seriously, I gained 15 pounds over a summer!!

  6. This one is super nice too, but this time my favourite are the nails - great colour!

  7. Love them both! I've been trying to downsize my giant handbags lately and these clutches are the perfect size. I'll have to keep my eyes open.

    And Traffic Jam... Love it! I find myself liking many more from this collection than Brownstone and Loft-y Ambitions. Trendsetter is tempting, but I know it would look horrid on me.

  8. I'm slowly working my way through the Metro collection, but Traffic Jam is my fave so far - although City Siren was really nice too. I love the color of Trendsetter, but it doesn't love me :-(


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