Friday, October 21, 2011

On the fly

I have a bazillion things to do today, but I managed to finish my Jasmine blouse yesterday, and wanted to get it up here with a couple notes - mainly to remind myself what to do differently next time I make this!  And there will be a next time.  Despite the cheap fabric and all the problems it caused me, I'm pretty happy with it:

Whew!  That is one busy print!  I think I would have been better off making the collar and cuffs in a contrasting material.  Live and learn.  The top looks OK on the hanger, but it looks so much better on the body.  I'm hoping to wear it with my new Ginger to a concert tonight, and hoping to get my act together enough to take some pix of them as well!

I made the size 2 with no modifications and the fit is really good.  The bias cut is pretty forgiving.  The neckline is somewhat wider than I was expecting, and not very low cut, which is a good thing.  I also like that it is nice and long - great for tucking in.

The main problem I had with this is that the fabric was so slippery.  I really should have cut each piece individually, but of course I was too lazy, so the print is skewed in some places.  This fabric also has a lot of bias stretch, which caused my collar to grow.  Because of that, I ended up having to pin it all the way down to the the point of the V, so I had to leave off the little loop the pattern calls for.  Once the knot is tied you can't tell though, so it worked out OK.

I'm also not too happy with the sleeve cuffs.  They don't have any opening, and therefore no give, and they fit a little tighter on my arm than I'd like.  So I may cut them in the size 4 next time.  I also don't like how they look so much lighter in color than the rest of the blouse because of the interfacing.  A contrasting cuff would have solved that problem though.

I did the front, side and shoulder seams as French seams, and when it came time to put on the collar, I was wishing I hadn't.  The seams created way too much bulk and keep the collar from laying as flat as I'd like.

All that makes it sound like I'm not too happy with this top, but I really am!  And Hubby likes it a lot too.  For me, this pattern is definitely a keeper, and next time I'll allow myself some good quality fabric, because it deserves it.

What about you?  Have you made the Jasmine, or is it on your list?  I'm surprised not to see too many finished versions on the flickr group yet!


  1. Haven't made it. But I think it looks great. Right now I'm gripped by learning how to do short rows for my new tshirt sweater. Thank goodness for that Fitted Knits course on Craftsy. I've spent 3 hours figuring out how to modify the XS with bust darts. Just be grateful your bust doesn't mandate such ridiculous alterations! :-)

  2. It looks great - I like it without a contrasting cuff/collar. Thanks for mentioning the tight cuff - this is always a problem area for me in ready-to-wear and I'll be sure to measure when I make this. Yes, I think I'm going to add it to the list.

  3. K.Line: my bust warrants modifications in the other direction, LOL!! Nothing a heftily padded bra can't fix though!

    Lizz: I forgot to mention, I even did the cuff seams at more like 1/4", so I gave myself an extra 1/4" room overall, but they're still a little tight to allow totally free movement.

  4. I love this! It's so cute! I really, REALLY want a Jasmine blouse, but I've never cut anything on the bias before and I'm really scared to try!

  5. Ginger: that's why I got a cheap fabric to start with, but I think I actually made it harder on myself! I did use tissue paper under the bias seams and I think that helped a little, but next time I'll use Sarai's tip of using spray starch or fabric stabilizer.

  6. I can't wait to see it modeled on! Is there a Ravelry-like site for sewing where you can keep project notes?

  7. I don't know of one; maybe someone else here does?

  8. I just saw this - love it! Thanks for the tips re. fit. I may be making this in the future. Have fun at the concert!

  9. Sounds as though you're learning a couple of lessons this time 'round, Gail.
    Got you Comment.
    Yep, a self-protrait in the '80s.
    Next thing I'm going to cast on: Adrift I'd like to link to your Rav Project page????

    hugs with unpolished nails,

  10. Cant wait to see it on ! It looks fab even just being on the hanger. I think this is such a flattering style, and I think it will look perfect with your Ginger :-) x

  11. Thanks, everybody! I really love it with the Ginger!

    Gerry, my rav page is public so you are welcome to link to it :-)

  12. Hi Gail, just wanted to say how fab your Jasmine blouse looks. I've just cut mine out of cheap fabric too and it's REALLY misbehaving! I love the finished result of yours though so fingers crossed. Can't believe your blog has slipped through my net until now, I LOVE the things you make. x

  13. Thank you so much, Jane! I love your projects too!


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