Monday, October 10, 2011

butter LONDON No More Waity, Katie. Now with more clutch.

Last weekend I went into Ulta to pick up the Butter London Victoriana and Wallis I've been lusting for.  When I got up to the checkout, the clerk told me that they were having a buy two, get one free deal.  So I went back to look over the colors again.  Honestly, for the most part I don't find the Butter colors to be very unique, and it took me quite a while to decide to go with No More Waity, Katie.  It's a color/effect that's underrepresented in my stash.

This one applied like butter.  Cold, hard butter straight from the fridge.  Butter that clumps up and won't spread properly.  Overall, I'm rather disappointed with this one, although it seems to be a must-have color for a lot of people.  It was much sheerer than I was expecting, so I had to do three coats.  Three laboriously applied coats.  And the sparkle just . . . isn't.  It's very subdued.  In real life, it's no where near as shimmery as this photo shows.  I considered adding a little thinner to make it flow more readily, but chickened out because I thought I might have to up the ante to four coats.

Moving on . . . Yesterday my mom told me she loved my new clutch (thanks, Mom!) but couldn't tell how big it was, and that she thought it was coin purse size.  Au contraire!  Look:

I added a sweet little tulip pin that Hubby gave me years ago.  The flower is crystal. 

I knew when I took the photos for the first post that it wouldn't be obvious how big the clutch is.  But at that point, I was wearing a polish that looked so hideous on me (Urban Outfitters Barstool) that I just couldn't bear to take a picture of it!

Today I'm off to look for some leather for clutch #2!


  1. Too bad about the polishes. I do like NMWK, but it's not my fav. Victoriana, on the other hand *is* one of my favs. Then again, I really like Barstool too, LOL!

    At least the sewing is working out great. I am very impressed! The tulip pin adds just the right touch too.

  2. The clutch is perfect, almost unbelievable this is handmade! And I love this tulip pin on it.

  3. SKP: I do really love Victoriana, and I think I'll like Wallis too. I liked Barstool on you, and I love it as a color. But it just looks terrible with my skintone :-( Makes me look like I have hypothermia!

  4. Sad about NMWK. My friend had been lusting after it, so I ordered it and Wallis for her birthday. She had an awful time with it as well. I've tried convincing her to use some thinner, but she's nervous about it, too.

    I love the clutch!


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