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Update:  Jan. 7, 2014

Hi All:
The Miette Knitalong as been over for almost two years now - incredible - but I still get a fair number of inquiries for help.  I've been able to accommodate these up to now, however, from today on I'm going to have to decline requests for individualized help.   I feel a little bad doing this, but each request does take a significant amount of time for me to research and reply.  I hope you will understand :-)  I've taken on new projects this year that leave me with less crafting time than usual, so something had to go.  I apologize for the abrupt finish; I really should have set an end date while the knitalong was going, but had no experience with this sort of thing at that time!

This page and all the posts, videos and documents will remain up.  However, if you click on the posts you will see that the comments have been turned off.  Old comments remain, as there is a lot of useful information there.


1. Making a Plan
2. Gauge and Sizing
3. How much yarn?
4. Let's knit!
5. Some more yarn notes
6. Top-Down Raglan Construction and Custom Sizing
7. More on Swatches
8. Fixing Mistakes
9. Removing the Sleeves
10. Row 25
11. The next part!
12. Sleeves!
13. Sleeve TV! - includes links to videos
14. Button Bands - includes links to videos
15. The Buttons

Helpful links:

Stitch Count Spreadsheet
Left Front Lace Pattern Chart
Right Front Lace Pattern Chart
My YouTube Channel with knitting videos pertaining to this sweater

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  1. Just learning to knit. Thank you for this! :)