Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In for a penny, in for a pound . . .

Last night I did up my nails with China Glaze Trendsetter from the fall Metro collection.  It's a nice color, but it doesn't look that great on me, unfortunately.  So this morning I decided to jazz it up with some stamping.

I started out with a gold chrome, China Glaze 2030, and an all-over design.  Big fail.  The gold was too close in color to the green, and it just looked terrible.  So I carefully removed just the gold, and tried it again, this time stamping with Essie Carry On and Bundle Monster plate BM 203.    Actually, Carry On was what I finally settled on - I first tried China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions and Brownstone, neither of which were really pigmented enough to stamp well for me.

Here are the disastrous results:

Ugh!  I really wish I had time to take it all off and start over, but I've got to go to the eye doctor this morning.  Luckily, I have some reading I have to do this afternoon, so when I get back I can put on something different and do my reading while it dries.

If you're thinking about using this design, you should know that this is one of those images that's kind of tricky to use.  Because the design is all wide, straight lines, I found it hard to get the image loaded onto my stamper consistently.  Too bad, because I think this design is really swell.


  1. Are you kidding?! I honestly like it, and you know I'm nt an anything-goes person :-)

  2. I really like the idea, but the execution was sub-par. Note to self: don't start a mani when you really ought to be on your way to the train!


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