Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vanilla Clutch, and some nails

Well, I guess it's clutch week here Chez Agenda.  I can't seem to stop myself!  Here's the one I made on Tuesday, from the winter white leather:

This leather was quite a bit thicker than the caramel one, so I decided to do it without the pleat.  Also, I wanted to see how I would like it without the pleat.  Answer:  not as much.  It's OK, but I don't love it as much as the caramel or the magenta wool.  The leather is nice; it's quite pebbled:

I lined this one with some deep purple microsuede I had left over from a wrap jacket I made about ten years ago.  I'd forgotten that microsuede is a little difficult to sew.  The leather needle sure did help though.

I had a fair amount of trouble putting this one together.  It seems that the silver frames are just a smidge narrower than the antique brass ones, and with the thick leather and the microsuede, it was quite a bit of work getting this one into the channels.  Also, I applied way too much glue, and it squished out onto the frame and even onto the leather a little bit.  I managed to get it off with acetone, but also did in my mani.

Here's what I had on my nails:

China Glaze Poetic

Wow!  Last year when I first started stamping my nails, I bought the whole China Glaze Romantique collection, because chromes are so great for stamping.  But I have never used any of them as an all-over nail color.  It never even occurred to me!  Something I saw on the interwebs gave me the idea to try one, and boy!  Now I'll have to try out the rest!

But since that got ruined in the too-much-glue-must-use-acetone incident, that evening I switched it up to this:

Zoya Marina

Double wow!  This is one gorgeous color.  Deep blue with just a hint of teal.  It was one of the colors I was most looking forward to in the fall Smoke and Mirrors collection, and it didn't disappoint.  It's durable too:  it has already been through the ringer making Leather Clutch #3, and still looks great!


  1. I know this is your least favourite, but I must confess it’s my favourite so far! Of course the week is not over yet…. Hooray for “Crafts Week”!

  2. I think I'm just mad at it for all the trouble it gave me! I do like it, and carried it this morning to take Hubby to work :-)

  3. I'm loving the color combos you're choosing for the clutches. They all look great!

    Pretty nails, too. Are you using the Zoya top coat now? How's it doing with the shrinkage issue?

  4. I am using the Zoya Armor topcoat and Qtica Half Time drops when I use Zoya polishes, and that has totally solved the shrinkage problem, as well as making the polish more durable. I didn't really believe it would work, but it really does!

  5. tthe Winter white is lovely, is there less room with no pleat?
    I love the China Glaze Poetic - very nice shimmer.

  6. There's only slightly less room without the pleat, but I can still fit my ginormous Droid phone!

    Haven't seen your nails in a while!

  7. You are killing me with these clutches! That white and purple combo is stunning. I am this close to dropping all of my projects!

  8. No need to drop them - you can make one of these in about an hour and a half!


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