Sunday, September 11, 2011

Very Structured

Very Structured is the first polish I tried from Essie's fall collection, Brand New Bag.  It is a deep, red-brown, a color I'd describe as brick or redwood.  I think it's not getting a whole lot of love in blogland, but I really like it:

Essie Very Structured
fall 2011

I think it really complements my skintone, whatever it may be.  It also goes nicely with the yarn I'm going to use for my first fall knitting project:

Very Structured with Rowan Pure Wool 4Ply
in Eau de Nil

Because of the angle of the light, the polish appears much lighter in the second photo - top photo is accurate.

The day after I put this on, I decided to clean the kitchen and bathroom, so I got a little bit of tip wear on my right hand.  Considering how much I had my hands in water, this polish held up really well.  To disguise the wear, I layered on China Glaze Oxidized Aqua crackle:

Essie Very Structured with
China Glaze Oxidized Aqua

I was hoping for a little more contrast, but I like it all the same.

What about you?  Are you loving or hating the warm red-browns that are out there this fall?


  1. Loving them, as evidenced by Brownstone. :) I really like the aqua crackle over brownish red.

  2. I can’t comment on his Fall hues since I don’t follow nail polish, but I gotta tell you, I used China Glaze polish for the first time two weeks ago on my toe nails and removing the polish on Friday night was a lot of work. Seriously, it was like scraping off cement from my nails – that stuff sticks for good!

  3. Wow! Did you use a glitter? I never have trouble with them, and I use them all the time. Try really soaking your cotton with remover, and letting it rest on your polish for several seconds.

  4. Great crackle combination! I bought Very Structured but haven't used it yet--I have the idea I'm going to like it, though!

  5. Oooo! I can't wait to see it on your beautiful nails!


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