Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everything, all at once.

Whew!  Yesterday was a full day!

First thing in the morning, I stamped on top of Power Clutch.  I had it in my mind that I wanted to use a feather design in gold, so I got out my Konad plate m77 and China Glaze Passion:

Here's the picture I took in the morning, with
well-conditioned cuticles . . .

And here's one I took in the car in the early
evening after sitting in the sun all afternoon.
You can see the design better, but my cuticles are all
dried out, gah!

After that, Hubby and I got in the car and drove WAY out in the country to go to our first ever polo match!  We have a friend who plays and he invited us to come watch. It had been raining in the morning, but we got lucky and had a warm, sunny afternoon:

And I wore my new silk Sencha, which I finished on Thursday:

Here's the picture Hubby took.

And here's one my friend took.  She thought I should
have a picture with the horses in the background.

I am so in love with this top!  It is pretty and silky and comfy. AND it stayed pretty fresh all day long.  My cotton one wrinkled terribly, especially under the arms, but this one only got a few wrinkles on the back, due to sitting in the car for so long. There may be another one in my future, if I can find another print at Vogue that I like.

I originally thought that I wouldn't like this version as much as the first version I made - this one does not have tucks at the neck.  But I do like it, and having four fewer tucks to do made sewing it a little easier.  But boy, that silk was slippery!  I went really slowly, and did all the finishing by hand like I did on my first one.

When I got to the point of sewing the snaps on the back, I felt like it was a little plain, so I sewed the outer snaps all the way through the fabric to give it a little decoration:

I like how it looks, and it made the snaps more stable as well.  So, Sencha win!

After the polo, we drove back to the city to go to one of the concerts of the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, held on the beautiful University of Chicago campus.  Our friends drove down too and met us there, and afterwards, we all went to Medici for dinner. This is a recent find for us, and I'm happy to have found it.  This place has some of the best pizza I've found in Chicago.  In a city known for its pizza, I've had a hard time finding pies I like.  But then, I'm a pizza snob.

Whew!  Like I said, a full day!  We're thinking of maybe heading back to the Jazz Fest today . . .


  1. I cannot believe you can do that with your own nails. My daughter and I have started to get bi-monthly manicures, which reminds me of you. I have gorgeous nails today - but just one colour (red, mind you). That Sencha is just beautiful!

  2. Thanks, Kristen!

    The nails are SO easy - check out my tab called "Nail Stamping Info." Your daughter would probably love it!

  3. Looks like you had an absolutely lovely day! I almost asked if you enjoyed the match, but how could being outside in the sun drinking wine be anything but enjoyable?

    Sencha is great and I really love the gold feathers over Power Clutch.

    (and my Victoriana post is up!)

  4. You got that right, sister!

    Popped over to see Victoriana, and I absolutely love it!

  5. wow ! nails look lush - Sencha looks beautiful ! You have done a cracking job on that top. I have cut the muslin for one, and not yet sewn it up, but if my finished top looks anywhere near as nice as yours I will be super happy ! Looks like you had a great weekend, K x

  6. Thank you, Kirsty! You should get yours back out! Although I totally understand the temptation of the new Burda magazine!

  7. Your new Sencha is just stunning, as are you on those photos! Full day, but what fun, no?

  8. Thank you, Andrea! I sure am pooped today though!

  9. I love your Sencha! It makes me want to have another go with the pattern. I made mine with a linen blend that doesn't drape all that well and it feels so stiff.
    The snap decoration is a beautiful way to break up the pattern in the back.

  10. Thanks, Lizz! I really love this pattern, but I'm thinking I will add a 6th snap to the bottom so it will stay tucked better!


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