Saturday, September 10, 2011

Second Outing, part 1: Şirince

Our second sight-seeing jaunt was really all one day, but we went to two places very near each other.  Since they are so different in character, I decided to post about them separately.  That, and I have too many pictures.

Şirince is a tiny village near Selçuk, which is near the ancient site of Ephesus, a little inland on the Aegean coast.  This was the third time I'd been to this village, and it was the most crowded, as the other two times were in early spring and late fall.  It's a very hilly village and has interesting old houses made of wood, along with stone cobbled streets and walls.  It was originally a Greek village, and it has a slightly different feel to it than other Turkish villages I've visited.  And of course now it's very tourist-oriented.

Take a look:

I know you've seen this one already,
but somehow it's the only photo I got
of the bazaar area.  Mostly tourist goods
are sold:  knitting, embroidery, felt, honey,
soaps, wine and olive oil products.

Red peppers drying in the sun.  Yum.

One of the old houses which has been nicely restored.

Nazar boncuğu - evil eye beads - embedded into the
cement between the stones in the walkways.
Theses are to protect one from getting the evil eye!

Nazar boncuğu aplenty!

Stone walls and walkway.

A hillside view.

Stone lintel (right) and stairs.

Some more old houses, in various states of repair.

OK, I didn't exactly tell the truth.  I did get this shot of
the bazaar area, but you really can't see anything but
the tops of the umbrellas!


  1. I was wondering what that was on your banner...and now I know!

  2. Oh, yes! I meant to mention that in the text and forgot!

  3. Love the evil eye beads! Sirince look like a great place to spend some vacation time.

  4. Wow, looks like a great trip!!

  5. Turkey is a great place to visit, if you ever get the chance!

  6. Ah! This explains the new banner. Your photos make me want to travel.

  7. Hee hee . . . I'm all about staying home right now!


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