Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Two yards of gorgeous silk twill:

I swear I just went in to Vogue to get some buttons for my Violet blouse.  But I figured I may as well check the silks while I was there, since I do want to make a silk Sencha.  I really wasn't expecting to see anything I liked, and indeed, all the bolts at the top of the pile were not to my taste.  But with a little digging, I came up with this lovely.  And at $5.99 a yard, I didn't feel like I could walk out without it.  I'm sure you agree it was the right thing to do.

The pattern is mid-sized, I'd say.  Here's a picture with my hand for size comparison:

Mmmmmm , , , silky

In all honesty, I didn't really believe it was silk - I mean, $5.99 a yard?  And it's so heavy!  And it sounded kind of like . . .  acetate.  But I liked it enough that I bought it anyway.  I have a skirt just that shade of powder blue, and another skirt and a pair of pants in the olive green, so it fits nicely in my wardrobe.  And remember these shoes?  Perfect!

When I got it home, I pulled a couple threads and did a burn test.  And guess what? It really is silk!  Unbelievable!

And by the way - here's a closer look at my nails:

Two coats of China Glaze Cheers to You and one coat of Sally Hansen Ice Queen.  I was pretty disappointed in Ice Queen - the bottle is jam packed full of glitter, but none of it wanted to come out and go on my nails, no matter how much I tried to load the brush!  I think it's going in the swap box.


  1. Absolutely the right thing to do. Bring on a parade of Senchas!

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous ! ! !

    Sounds like your newest Sencha will enhance your wardrobes several times over.

    Now, Gail, how could we ever forget these shoes. Sexy ! ! !

    My nails are still colorless.

    My knitting projects are less intensive so that I'll feel like spare the time for my polish to dry completely.

    Knitting ?? Nail Polish ????


    oh, dear, isn't your new silk in the same color family as my shawl????

  3. Hey Gail! What lovely fabric, Vogue has pretty great silks from time to time.

    I bought this same fabric earlier in the year and made a 40's swing dress out of it, but in the purple colorway.
    I saw both at the time and couldn't decide between your red version or my purple version.

    Can't wait to see your sencha! Oh and be careful this silk likes to fray so be sure to serge all edges as soon as you cut them.

  4. That fabric really is perfect for those shoes. And what a steal!

    I have a hard time with low-density glitters. I find myself trying to place the flecks just so since there aren't many of them, and that's too much work!

  5. Sewed all day, off and on, and I'm almost finished! Just have the hand sewing left to do!


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