Monday, September 12, 2011

Second Outing, part 2: Selçuk

After you come down the hairpin turns on the mountain from Şirince, you find yourself in Selçuk.  The ancient sites here are an interesting mix of Roman and Seljuk.  

My nephew hadn't seen the Seljuk Castle or St. John's Basilica, so after some lunch we headed over to the site.  The two are right next to each other.   Unfortunately, the Castle is currently closed for renovation, so I was only able to get an outside picture. But we spent a fair amount of time wandering the grounds of the Basilica, led by Hubby, who had a part time job as a tour guide during college and knows the site well.

Entry sign in Turkish and English 

Outside view of the Seljuk fortress,
replete with picture of Ataturk
(like most structures in Turkey!)

Longer view of the fortress, with some artifacts from
the basilica grounds

View from the basilica grounds to part of the town
and the surrounding mountains 

Some remaining columns, with several capitals
in the foreground

Mediterranean flora

Columns and arches

Columns and lintels

Roman carved stone


Column inscribed with Christian symbol

The tomb of St. John

View from the basilica grounds of Isa Bey Mosque,
built circa 1375 c.e.
And that's it folks!  Back to regularly scheduled programming!


  1. Wonderful travel photos. I would love to visit Turkey one day.

  2. So nice to tag along on your outing through these photos!

  3. Thanks, Karen! I really liked your vacation photos too!

  4. Your pictures have made me want to jump on a plane and head somewhere fabulous.

  5. Heh . . . just don't take your knitting needles!


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