Friday, September 9, 2011

One of these things is not like the others,

One of these things just doesn't belong . . .

Remember the other day when I was speculating that Zoya Jana might be pretty similar to SpaRitual Pebble?

It's not:

But it's strikingly similar to China Glaze Below Deck and Essie Merino Cool.  I guess that explains why I liked it so much.

Here's my little comparison swatcheroo:

top to bottom:
Zoya Jana
SpaRitual Pebble
Essie Merino Cool
China Glaze Below Deck

The SpaRitual is quite a bit greyer than the others.  But the similarity between the other three is even more evident in this side shot:

left to right:
Zoya Jana
SpaRitual Pebble
Essie Merino Cool
China Glaze Below Deck

To my eye, Jana and Below Deck are identical, with Merino Cool being just the tiniest smidge lighter.

This comparison was brought to you by Sesame Street and my wonderful new storage boxes, bought on a tip from SoKnitPicky - thanks, girl!

These are from Office Depot, and they're called Really Useful Boxes.  This is the 1.6 L size, and it holds twelve China Glazes, Nubars or SpaRituals, or fifteen Essies. (I didn't try it out with my Zoyas, but it probably holds fifteen of those as well.)  

I love these, because they make it easy for me to have one complete collection in one box.  The boxes stack well, are sturdy, and are not unwieldy when full.

And because I spent a nice hour reorganizing all my polish into these nifty boxes, I was easily able to put my hands on the ones I wanted for the comparison.  I only got six, but I think I'll have to go back for more . . .


  1. Thanks for the comparison! I'm going to pass on Jana since I already have Merino Cool.

    I'm so glad the boxes worked out. I had originally gotten just 3 but went back for the last 3 they had. You should see if they'll give you a rain check for the B2G1F price.

  2. Whoa - I just looked at the website for the Really Useful Boxes - you gotta check it out! So many colors, so many sizes! I think I'll probably make my order online when I'm ready for more.


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