Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stars in the daytime.

There have been far too few pictures of nails around here lately!  I haven't been changing my polish as often because I've been so focused on sewing and finishing up Mandarine.  For the last several days, I was wearing this:

Zoya Reva, Sunshine Collection, summer 2011

It is a super sparkly color with a ton of golden glow - much too overwhelming for my humble little camera!  But boy, did it stain my nails!  I can never figure out how it does that through the base coat . . .

Oh, and see my little boo-boo?  I nicked myself with the rotary cutter when I was cutting out my skirt pieces the other day.

Last night I switched it to this:

Zoya Breezi, Summertime Collection, summer 2011
topped with CND Sparkling Silver Effect (holiday 2010)

You can see that I'd been knitting if you look at my index finger!  See the dent from carrying the yarn?  I made it up to the armhole on The Jan Sweater last night.

I really liked this polish - it applied so nicely.  It was pretty on its own, but I decided to jazz it up with  the fine silver shimmer.  This morning, I had planned to stamp some little silver crowns on it, but as I was going through my image plates, the stars just jumped out at me:

Bundle Monster plates BM05 and BM14
Stamped with China Glaze Millennium

Isn't that pretty?  I just love it!


  1. The stars are so great!

    Weird that Riva stained your nails. I had it on my toes for a few weeks (literally--I can be very lazy when it comes to pedicures) and didn't notice any issues with that. Maybe it reacted with your base coat somehow?

  2. I love the Reva.
    I liked the Breezi
    I have on a Royal Blue and think that embellishments like you have would improve them.
    Ahhh, well, off to another color tomorrow.
    oh, yes, I've been knitting on all five pair of my socks.

  3. The nails look great!

    Boo for staining :-( Do you have a fav product to help with that? I've heard that Orly Cutique works but I haven't tried it. Sorry about the cut too. Glad it wasn't more serious!

  4. My product for dealing with staining is to slap another color of nail polish on it!!


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