Sunday, May 8, 2011


I wasn't able to spend a whole lot of time knitting this week, but yesterday I did manage to finish the first front of Mandarine.

Left front, Neutral Tailoring 1 by Sarah Hatton

Part of the reason I wasn't knitting a lot is that I had so much on my mind other than knitting that I just couldn't seem to focus.  This one has a fair amount of shaping and varying stitch patterns, and the front plackets are only knit along with the body up to the neck opening, after which the collar is knit separately:

But I didn't want to start a new project either, because I really do want to finish this one quickly.  So I just didn't knit!  Also, I was physically tired from rearranging Hubby's music room!

One of my errands this week took me to Macy's.  I really intended just to return the shirt that didn't fit Hubby, but as I was leaving, I passed by the Nars counter and suddenly found myself face to face with Arabesque.  I had seen this lovely fine pink glitter polish around the web recently and was interested in checking it out, but was under the impression it was an online-only color.  So I felt I couldn't just leave it there . . .

The sales associate who sold it to me told me it looks fantastic layered over their Orgasm polish, but I couldn't bring myself to buy two such expensive polishes, so I decided to work with colors I had at home.  I tried out Zoya Willow first:

Two coats Zoya Willow
One coat Nars Arabesque
(and of course, base coat and top coat)
I'm not 100% in love with this;  I was thinking the Zoya would be more sheer than it turned out to be, and would have a little more shimmer.  Also, I'm really having trouble with my Zoya polishes shrinking back under my fast-dry top coats (I used China Glaze Fast Forward here).  I know this is a problem people have with Zoyas, but I just can't get myself to use their fast-dry drops.  For me they leave the polish tacky way too long.  You can see the shrinkage better here:

Do any of my polish-loving friends have this problem too?  How do you deal with it?

I'm thinking my next experiment with Arabesque might be over Baby Sprout . . .


  1. Hey, I just noticed an hour ago that my index and middle finger polish has shrunk from the tip.
    I've had it wear, but I just did these last evening. And have not done a thing to wear the polish away.
    What's with this shrinking????

  2. I don't know, exactly. But I've read it in a few places. Problem is, I can't remember the exact details about why it happens, so I'm not sure how to prevent it! But I do remember one person saying she only uses the fast-dry drops by Zoya with Zoya polishes, for just this reason.


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