Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And furthermore . . .

I wore that mani for two days, and I didn't get any shrinkage at all!  Hurray!  I did get a fair amount of tip wear though, thanks to dismantling four bookcases, carrying them to the garage, and assembling three new bookcases and a desk, all for Hubby's music room.  So it was time for something new:

Essie Too Too Hot
Braziliant Collection, Summer 2011

Can you believe I'm wearing plain red nail polish?!  Don't worry, I already have an idea of what I'll add on to it tomorrow!

And what's that blue yarn?  Well, the other day I was looking around Ravelry and came across this:

The Jan Sweater
by Just Call Me Ruby

I was instantly smitten.  This will be one of the patterns in the new A Stitch in Time book (volume 2), but was being offered as a free download to those who pre-ordered the book.  I bought the first book, and was thinking I would forgo the second.  It's quite an expensive book, and I only ever tried one pattern from it, which didn't work for me at all.  I think there were a fair number of issues with the patterns, and the binding of the book wasn't the greatest quality.  But apparently this book will be in hardcover, and well . . .  this pattern just swayed me.  And the time frame the new book encompasses is one I like better too, fashion-wise.

So, looks like Mandarine will have a little competition . . .


  1. I have the first book two and am on the fence about the second. I'll probably go ahead and get it in a moment of weakness :-)

  2. Oooo - I just looked at your projects and saw the sweater you made from the first one. Love it!

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  4. Thanks! (I'm laughing at my typo on the first comment. I should probably wait to type till I'm fully awake.)

  5. Nothing wrong with plain red polish!

    I tagged you with an award, hope it's okay to leave the link here:

  6. I started knitting 2 weeks ago after seeing the first Stitch in Time book. When I saw the Jan pattern, I couldn't resist ordering the second. I was going to buy it anyway...

  7. Wow! That's excellent! Are you going to start the Jan Sweater soon? It isn't too hard, especially if you have someone you can bounce your questions off of.


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