Saturday, May 28, 2011

FO Preview

I was a busy little bee this week and finished not only Mandarine but also my first Ginger skirt.  Here they are, unmodeled:


You can't really tell from the photos, but the buttons are navy and pearly white.  I LOVE navy and orange together, especially if you throw in some white!

Ginger skirt by Colette Patterns,
version 1

I am SO happy with my finished skirt.  I'm glad I did this version first rather than the one cut on the bias.  Now that I know it is successful, I feel a lot better about cutting into my lovely bow fabric!

This was the very first time I altered a pattern to my measurements, and the fit is perfect.  I can't wait to make lots more of these.  The cut is so flattering, it makes me look much slimmer than I actually am!

It was also the first time I inserted piping into a seam, and only the second time I've done an invisible zipper.  I made myself go slowly and carefully, and was successful with both:

I think I could even wear them together!


  1. You made such good use of your Calmer stash, it's all perfect!

  2. This is going to make a smashing outfit.
    AbSoLuTeLy L♥vE the top
    Your piped skirt is PERFECT ! !

    I admire your knack for knitting garments. They always look the perfect fit, with nary a stitch out of place.

    So looking forward to your next piped skirt project, Gail.

    Bought some clear glitter polish to tone down the dark blue nails :^)


  3. Girlfriend, I love your taste and talent! So, so cute!! A thyme lemonade would go well with that outfit :)

  4. Oooh! Great FO's. Looking forward to the modeled shots too.

  5. Wow I love the skirt! I just bought the pattern, and was looking up pictures of it made in prints, and I love it!

  6. Thanks, Pam! I've actually worn this one quite a bit!


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