Friday, May 13, 2011

Fancy Shoe Friday

Since I divulged the other day that I am a shoe lover, I thought I'd bring that into the mix as well.  Actually, I've been thinking about doing this for a while.  I hesitated to do a weekly feature because 1) I get bored easily and doubt my ability to keep it up and 2) I'm a little perverse in that, as soon as I voice an intention to do something, I generally no longer want to do it.  Sigh . . .

There's a back story to this.  When I still lived in St. Louis, my BFF and I instituted a practice we called "Fancy Shoe Knitting."  We'd get together for a knitting night, either at her house or mine, and while we knit, we wore fancy shoes.  Usually the rest of us was not so fancy - sweat pants, leggings, sweatshirts, tee shirts, no makeup.  (Although there was that one time when we put on false eyelashes and huge, gaudy earrings from the dollar store.)  But our feet were pretty, and that made us both happy.

Since I moved to Chicago, my usage of Fancy Shoes has experienced a dramatic decline, for a variety of reasons.  The biggest factor is the difference between the suburban and urban lifestyle.  In St. Louis, I drove everywhere I went, so since I would only be walking a few steps, I could wear 3" heels with no problem.  Here, I do a lot more walking - either all the way to where I want to go (measured in miles rather than steps) or a total of several blocks incorporated with public transportation.  And I'm currently not going to a job, so I don't have to dress up. And my BFF is not here.

So occasionally, I'll do Fancy Shoe Knitting all by myself, in my little knitting corner. And yes, I do feel silly.  But I have a lot of gorgeous shoes that haven't seen the light of day for quite some time.  Here's what I put on today:

Frye Maya Vintage Stud Sling

Aren't they beautiful?  I have a particular weakness for Frye shoes and boots.  And of course, for yellow.

While I wore them, I worked on The Jan Sweater:

I had a couple of problems, of my own making, due to fuzzy thinking in the arithmetics area, but things are sailing along smoothly now.  And speaking of sailing:

China Glaze Sea Spray, Anchors Away collection, spring 2011

I put on Sea Spray this morning for the first time, and I'm completely smitten with it.  I'm declaring it the most beautiful blue polish I own.  And it goes so nicely with my smallthings ring, doesn't it?  This woman's work truly amazes me.  I'd love to get more of her pieces.


  1. What a great feature and backstory! Those shoes are fab!

    I see we knit the same things *and* pick the same polishes. I really love Sea Spray. It changes character a lot in different lights, and I love a grayed-out-anything. It was the only one I got from that collection even though I was tempted by several others.

  2. Fancy Shoe Knitting, hahaha, I might have to try that. Blogger was not working for me for a few days and I could not comment before now to thank you for mentioning me on your award post. I guess I don't understand that kind of stuff either, but I am flattered still! Nice polish as usual!

  3. You're so restrained - I bought all but 2 from that collection!!

  4. Yes, blogger seems to have been down for about a day, but back to normal since early afternoon :-) No need to participate in the award thing if you don't want to, I just thought it was kind of fun!

  5. Those shoes are C-U-T-E and not meant to stay in the closet...brilliant SFSK (single fancy shoe knitting!

    I'll never forget how we got started FSK: I found a pair of shoes that I couldn't walk in and concluded I couldn't buy them. You showed me THE WAY as you uttered these words:
    "Having shoes and wearing shoes are two different things". I wept it was so profound. And it has forever changed my life!

  6. Hee hee - knew I'd get your attention with this one!

  7. I love Fancy Shoe Knitting! (Now to just get some fancy shoes . . . )

    You are definitely Soknitpicky's knitting/polish twin, but I think you've also confirmed that you're her shoe twin too :-)

    I love Sea Spray on you and the ring is beautiful.

  8. I would TOTALLY do Fancy Shoe Knitting!! :) Those shoes are supercute.
    Also I love that colour on your nails!

  9. Thanks, JQ! I'm a huge fan of your stamping skillz!!

  10. Fancy shoe knitting...what a great theme for a group that meets regularly. I'll suggest to my group. Maybe a prize for fanciest?


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