Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Letter Day

After a couple hours work this morning, I finally got to the point where I could remove the pocket stitches from my Still Light dress.  Whew!  That's 124 stitches I won't have to deal with for a while!

I know it still doesn't look like much, because the stitches are bunched up on my needle.  This is my favorite 2.75mm needle, but it's only 24 inches long.  Needless to say, my hips are a *little* bigger than that!  And we're having a grey, dreary day here, so it's not very easy to see details in the photo with this dark yarn.

Now it's just straight stockinette for at least ten inches.  I'll likely make it longer than that though.  My plan is to do a few inches, and then do the sleeves and pockets.  Then I can use whatever yarn I have left on the length.

I've been keeping pretty detailed notes on my Ravelry page.  It seems that quite a few people have made a size between the XS and S, but I couldn't find any projects that told specifically how they got the hip measurement up to the numbers for the size S (if they did so), so I kept track of what I did in case it would be helpful to anyone.  I chose to concentrate my extra increases between the waist and the hip, rather than spread them out A-line style.  That way, I'm hoping, the look will come off more like a straight skirt.

I've now used four balls out of the nine I bought - which means I'm about 40% done!


  1. Yay! You're so much closer to the finish line! It feels amazing to get rid of the pocket stitches (and isn't that the cleverest construction? I looooove those pockets!)!

  2. It does feel good to get the pockets off! Because I hadn't read the pattern through, I wasn't really sure how they would work, but it's pretty cool!

  3. Wow!! I can't wait to see more ... and that color! I love it.

  4. Thanks, Evelyn! I'm starting to feel like the end is in sight!


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