Friday, January 13, 2012

ETA: I forgot the title!

Well, after writing all about my legwarmers yesterday, I picked up my Still Light dress instead and worked on it for a couple hours!  It's slow going:  I've used about two and a half balls out of the nine:

Two things I always forget about alpaca:  1) it's slippery and 2) it's inelastic.  Add those to the dark color I chose, and a simple design like this becomes a little tedious . . .

In other news, look what I did yesterday:

I remembered I had this Snapware container I had bought over the summer for storing nail polish.  It didn't work for the polishes - they were way too heavy and the container was too slippery.  But I wondered if my patterns would fit in there.  And yes, they do!  Perfectly!!

One level is for my Colette patterns, and the other level is for everything else:

And because I'm a little nuts, the Colette patterns I've already used are on one side, and the "virgin" ones are on the other.  And on the other level, the Lisette patterns are on one side, and everything else on the other.  This makes me happy.

This morning I got out my Peony stuff and sorted through it all.  I'm trying to psych myself up to get back to it over the weekend.  I've got my original size 2 muslin (doesn't fit); the size 2 muslin with SBA and darts shortened and moved (doesn't fit); and a size 0 muslin that I cut out and pinned the darts but didn't sew because I could tell they needed to be moved.

Honestly, I'm thinking it would be easier just to get a boob job and make my body fit the pattern, rather than continue trying to achieve the inverse.  Does anyone have any sage words of advice for me on this matter?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I've been working on Truffle from the Colette Handbook and am running into a similar boob issue. I find it really difficult to change the D-cup drafting to fit my A-cups. My first muslin showed so many fit issues that I decided to scrap the whole thing and draft my own. I'm making up the muslin this afternoon and I hope it looks somewhat the same because I love this dress. Let me know what you discover because I can't imagine it's as hard as I'm making it.

  2. I really, really wish I did. I thought I had the Peony dress fairly ship-shape (although, since much of the sewing for that was an all-nighter, my recollection of things is a bit hazy!), but after seeing some photos from the wedding, there were weird horizontal wrinkles above my bust in many of them. Maybe it was trying to ride up or something? The Colette handbook seemed to suggest that horizontal wrinkles means there isn't enough width, so for my failed Christmas dress, I added 1/2" of width to the bodice, but now the darts are, while they seem to be in the right position, forming a weird pucker thing that's really unfortunate. As much as I love Colette patterns, the Peony bodice just doesn't make any sense to me at all. :(

  3. Oh yeah, love your pattern organization! It looks so neat and tidy!! And your Still Light is looking good, too. I found it to be a super boring knit... I love the pattern and the style, but you have so much of that tiny, tiny stockinette, and it does slip off the needles super easily.

  4. Oh gosh, if you two are having trouble, then I think I'm really in hot water! I wish I knew how to draft my own patterns - at least you've got that skill, Lizz! And I think Ginger doesn't have our same boob issue ;-)

  5. You're knitting a dress?! Crazy! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. I've got the Peony pattern and it's near the top of my "to make" pile, maybe I should find a fabric and try it out. I like the Colette patterns but I have yet to make one really work for me.

  7. I loved making Still Light, all that stockinette was relaxing for me. but better still I love wearing it. I do wish I had made long sleeves though. I wear it only in the winter and with 3/4 length sleeves it's kind of odd.

    Is alpaca not elastic? I am not that familiar with it and have some in my stash.

  8. Oh man - I wrote (longish) replies to each of these comments, but they got lost! Sorry!


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