Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I totally copied this from something I saw on Pinterest:

Zoya Avery and China Glaze Electric Pineapple*

The pin I copied used pale grey and vibrant yellow, but I like the unexpected combination of putty and neon chartreuse.  I did this because I was wearing Avery and got permanent marker on one of my nails.  I decided to cover it up with the chartreuse, and ended up loving this look more than I expected to! 

Alternate color combinations are now running through my head . . .

*Sorry for the cuticle dryness; I conditioned my cuticles later and took more pictures, but by then the light had gone and this one shows the colors the best.


  1. You might guess that I've been a little swamped ;-) I am living vicariously, though, through all your crafting adventures, so thank you for sharing them!

    I like this color combo. I think it'd also be awesome with a bit of black to create one of those Modrian designs!

  2. I was thinking about adding too it day by day, Mondrian-like! But this evening I messed it all up by doing a bunch of cooking (and the subsequent dishes) so it's going to have to come off :-(

  3. Love it! A great way to use those brights that may be too much on their own (Am I the only one?).

    I feel like I've been living a Pinterest life lately. Tons of cooking, organizing, and crafting ideas.

  4. No nails boards? I'm sure you have at least one!

    I don't know - I like the brights. I think "garish" is my middle name!

  5. I just joined pinterest and am pinning like a crazy lady! I just started a nail board. How can I follow you?

  6. Hi Kristen!

    There are a couple ways you can do it: if you scroll ALL the way down on my right sidebar, there is a button for Pinterest that will take you to me. Or, since I've already followed a couple of your boards, you can to to your profile page and click on your "followers" - I think I'll show up there as g.k.d. - and then click on me and it should take you to my boards. You can choose to "follow all" or follow select boards by clicking the follow button on each board.

    It's fun and addictive, isn't it!?


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