Monday, October 12, 2015

Attaching the Carrier Strips

We are almost done assembling the inner structure!  Can I get a woohooo?!

OK, take those muslin carrier strips you made and pin them to the canvas front. Pin to the side with the shoulder reinforcement.

Mark your pivot points for a 3/4" seam at the lapel point and where the shoulder meets the neck.

Using a zigzag stitch, sew across the shoulder, down the neck and all along the front at 3/4".  Also sew the side front edge.  (Remember that on my piece I have included the armhole, which will get cut away.) I used a 4.0 stitch width and 1.5 stitch length.

Here's how it will look on the back:

On the back side, trim the canvas out of the seam allowance, getting as close to the zigzag stitching as you can.

Now flip to the front and trim the muslin away from the zigzag on the inner side. You can see that at this point I have also removed the muslin from the armhole where it is not needed.

When you trim the muslin, leave 1/8" or so - don't get right up to the stitching.

Check your pattern piece and add any markings that have been covered during the process of making this interfacing piece.  Also draw the roll line in place at this time.

At the bottom of the roll line, make a mark 2" up from the front edge seam line. We'll be using that mark later when we sew on the tape.

Next time:  sewing actual fabric!!


  1. This part is so cool! Can't wait to try it out sometime.

    1. I think so too! I wouldn't have thought of it myself. I'm really interested to see how it looks with this smooth fabric I'm using. It worked fine for the patchwork, but that fabric hides a lot of stuff!


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