Sunday, October 11, 2015

Attaching the Shoulder Reinforcement

Hi all!  I had a busy week with no large chunks of time to work on the blazer.  So I worked on my knitting and Alabama stitching in those smaller in-between moments.  But today I got back to it, and I'm hoping to make some good progress this week.

I promised I'd split these posts up as much as possible, and today is likely to be the shortest post of the whole bunch!  Don't get used to it.  ;-)

Before we can attach the canvas to the outer fabric, we first need to attach that shoulder reinforcement to the canvas.  In order to get the placement right, mark the shoulder seam lines.  Then mark vertical lines on the shoulder reinforcement approximately 1" apart.  They don't need to be perfect.

Position the shoulder piece 1/8" inside the seam lines you marked and pin in place. Then machine baste on the vertical lines you drew.

That's it!  These pieces are now ready for the next step, which I'll post tomorrow.

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