Monday, October 5, 2015


still drying . . .

No sewing today as I've got a boatload of housework to do :-)  But I wanted to quickly say thanks to all who commented on yesterday's post, specifically my question about whether anyone was finding these posts helpful.  I was unsure whether many people were reading the blazer posts because I didn't get many comments on the first few.  And I didn't want to spend a lot of time writing posts that were essentially for the sake of hearing my own virtual voice.  Believe it or not, I'm a woman of few words ;-)  No really - I only like to say (or write) something when I've got something to say.

So thanks for letting me know that you find these posts helpful.  I was really touched by how many quick replies I got to that question.

So onward and upward!


  1. Just wanted to add another thank you! I'm not making a blazer right now but it's on my wish list to do and I KNOW I will be consulting your posts at that time...many thanks and the posts look great!

  2. I am loving these posts and can't wait to use what I am learning. You are doing an excellent job and I so appreciate all the time it is taking for these.

  3. Thank you for the blazer posts! I'm loving them! I'm a little behind, but I really appreciate all the detail and all the pictures. It's very helpful.

  4. Thank you. I am another one who is paying close attention. I don't have time to follow along now but I am hoping to come back to your posts when life is a little quieter.

  5. I'm enjoying the posts but too slow to keep up with the schedule. I am still trying to gather/figure out supplies, working on a muslin, and prewashing, etc. So, yes, please keep doing this and feel free to take your time (from my perspective) since this is a little fast for me.

    1. Thanks - I realize this pace is kind of fast. My original intention was to sew and post bit by bit, but the reality is that my sewing time tends to happen in intense clumps, and usually toward the weekend. I did a lot of work on the jacket last weekend and haven't touched it since! That's why there were so many posts. I think going forward the posts are likely to happen in clumps like that.


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