Thursday, October 15, 2015

About That Under Collar

You may remember me mentioning last week that I wasn't 100% satisfied with the machine tailored under collar I made.  I got a lot of wrinkling on the outside after I steamed it into shape on the ham.

In retrospect, I shouldn't have trimmed away so much of the canvas interfacing. And I should have worked harder to position everything nicely to allow for turn of cloth.  Honestly I think that is much harder to do with this technique than with hand tailoring, but I should have at least tried.  I got too gung-ho about cutting away the canvas at 5/8" all the way around.

I considered making a new under collar using fusible interfacing.  But I do like how the collar stand looks with this stitching.  So I decided to see if I could press the piece into shape.  I pressed, and I smoothed the bubbles into the crease between the stand and the fall:

And then I pressed and smoothed some more:

And I think that's acceptable now.  Remember that this is cotton twill - if I'd used wool, it would have been even more cooperative! So I'm going to use this one, and just not pop my collar.  (As if I would anyway!)


  1. As always, you are so amazing, Mama. I have to admit I get lost following along as I know minuscule about sewing. But I've been slowly researching videos on how to make basic stuff like bags recently. I was slowly getting the hang from reading tutorials on Pinterest but turned to Youtube which helped a lot more for some steps.

    1. Aww, thank you Stef! Have you looked at Noodlehead's tutorials? I think her instructions are very clear. Here's the link:

      That bag I made you is her Open Wide Pouch - super easy to make. I bet Princess Cupcake could make one too!

      Also, there are a couple free mini classes on making bags on Craftsy. I haven't watched them but they're worth a look. They are called "Bag-Making Basics."

    2. Thanks for the referral, Gail. I will pore over her tutorials after my run. Have a solid Friday.


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