Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Take that, Jasmine!

Remember this top?

After I failed so miserably at this make, I hung it in my laundry closet until I could figure out what to do with it.  But every time I opened the door, I felt like it was taunting me.  So . . . here's what it looks like now:

Over the weekend, when I was too tired to knit or sew, I spent an hour or so unpicking the sleeves, facings and collar.  I had determined that if I take out about 2.5 inches from the center front, the fit is OK.

Now it's waiting for me to get back from California, at which time I'm thinking of turning it into a camisole . . .


  1. Look at you making friends with your seam ripper - you go girl!

    1. I did recently buy 2 new seam rippers - a big one and a small one. So I didn't mind SO much! And I hate to waste this pretty fabric!

    2. The the job goes so much more smoothly with sharp tools. At the beginning of each calendar year I replace all my seam rippers. Small price to pay for the convenience.
      Yes, I have several rippers. One at each of my work stations around the house.

    3. That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  2. That fabric and color is too beautiful to waste -- a camisole is a grand idea! Hope you're having a wonderful time in sunny CA!

  3. I'm glad you'll be able to use this after all-- it's such a gorgeous color!


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