Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A little bit of knitting.

A very little bit.  I've had so much on my plate lately, I haven't had a whole lot of time to knit.  It's kind of bumming me out!

I did actually manage to get about half way up to the armhole shaping on Winnie while I was in San Diego:

I've got 17 stripes out of the 34 I need.

I like the transition from rib to stockinette:

I have no idea what I'll wear this with, but I really like it!

I'm so close to being done with Karanfil.  I have all the major pieces done, but now I'm at the point of knitting the separate front bands and collars.  It's one of those patterns that tells you to knit until it fits when slightly stretched, sewing into place as you go along.  Not really my favorite thing to do.

I want to finish this one up quickly, because it is starting to be the perfect weather to wear it!  I've knit both the front bands up to this point, and am just getting ready to start the collar shaping on the first one.

I'll need to block the bands too.

Then I'll have to knit the belt.  The pattern adds beads to the cuffs and belt, but they really don't show, so I left them off.  I also wanted this one to be machine-washable.  I expect to be wearing it a lot!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see your ghost! It's going to be so pretty. I love that peachy-pink. What yarn are you using?

    1. This is Rowan Calmer - one of my favorite yarns ever!

  2. I really like the stripes Gail and can't wait to see it finished.
    I had hoped to finish my cardi this weekend, but 'life' got in the way so I am still knitting every spare minute I can find [which isn't as much as I would like].
    I think I saw Rowan Calmer at my LYS so will have to look again to see.
    Have a great Tuesday.

    1. I hate it when life is in the way. That's how it's been for me too! Get out of the way, Life! I want to knit and sew!!

  3. Your Winnie will be so cute. It looks like a neutral that will go with most everything. I have a pastel Winnie in mind and hope to cast on in a few weeks, have a few knits on the needles right now. I'm glad you aren't in CA this week, we are getting rain, finally.

    1. I think we're having warmer and sunnier weather than you guys are right now! Came back just in time ;-)

      I really love the taffeta-looking full skirt shown with Winnie in the magazine, and I'm contemplating making a similar one, even though I don't have a lot of places to wear such a thing!

  4. These are really looking great! I love your color scheme for the Winnie.


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