Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to make a list.

I love lists.  And I really admire those crafters who make a list and then work towards its completion.  People who can commit to things like "Essentials Sew-alongs" and "Palette Challenges."

I'm not that person.  All of my crafting follows my whims:  in color, style, medium.  I knit/sew/make whatever I'm in the mood for at the moment . . .

But I'm getting to the point lately where my mental list of "Things I want to make RIGHT NOW" is becoming a little overwhelming.  I can feel myself getting scattered, and thereby not making the best use of my crafting time.  Not to mention the piles that are accumulating next to my knitting chair and on my guest bed.  (And dressers and bedside tables.)

So it's time to make a list.  Mostly this is for my own use, to help me keep on track and maybe take some of the mental pressure off.  (Remembering can be quite a burden.)  But lots of other bloggers share their lists, and I'm always intrigued when they do.  (And often transfer things they are working on right onto my own list.)  So here's my list of things to make RIGHT NOW:

Long-sleeved shirt for Hubby in this fabric.

Short-sleeved shirt for Hubby in this fabric (yes, he plays guitar.  What gave it away?).

Jasmine in raspberry silk.

Simplicity Retro 1940s silk blouse in black silk with random cream dots (Simplicity 3688).

Another Continental Blouse in this Anna Maria Horner voile that found its way into my cart when I was buying the fabric for Hubby's shirts.

The Peony Dress.  I'll determine what fabric to use once I get my muslin right.

The 1958 sweater - about 75% done now!

Windschief hat and cowl for Hubby in light grey heather wool.

Aislin pullover.  More on that later.

Beau for Hubby in Merlot Heather wool.

Still Light Dress in DROPS Alpaca in Dark Petrol Mix.   This will be my first Veera project, and I hear her patterns are a delight to work from.  Also, this yarn is unbelievably soft.  I can't wait to start working with it.

Another Adrift, in olive green.

Two pairs of legwarmers, in camel and charcoal grey.  These will be great for pulling up over my knees when I wear a dress or skirt in the cold weather.

A pair of socks for Hubby.

Sid sweater.

Eleanor sweater.

Gosh - can you see why I'm a little overwhelmed?  By my hobby?!?  Yes, I see the irony.  And these are just the projects that I have the materials for, or have already started.  There are plenty of other wishes floating around in my head . . .

Anybody else out there get overwhelmed by their sewing or knitting lists?  Or do the lists help keep you on track?



  1. Gosh, well your list is fabulous. I am not that collected at the moment. I have a loose queue but am waiting to see what mood strikes!

    I *love* that guitar fabric and the Jasmine pattern, especially the version with the gathered sleeves.

    So many wonderful projects, so little time!

  2. I'm a big list maker, however I'm not so good following them in my crafty endevors, instead of get blown around by the wind of my whims. I have stuff on my Ravelry queue that has been there for two years... I only managed to finish one item from my Fall Palatte challenge and I only started two items.

    But I still like making and ready crafty to-do lists.

  3. What an awesome list! I'm a serious list maker (I think I make lists everyday) and am participating in a "year of projects" challenge on Ravelry which has been a really great experience. Do I stick to my list? Nah, not really. I think we're all much too creative to be so rigid ... my list has morphed over the last five months mainly because I keep getting inspired by what everyone else is knitting. I just may nick a few of your projects and add them to my list!

  4. Thanks for all these comments, everyone! It's so interesting to me to hear how others approach their crafty "to-do" lists!

  5. I absolutely love reading other people's sewing lists!
    I'm pretty good at keeping to my lists but often add to them whenever I see something gorgeous on another blog. For some reason, a second Beignet skirt has been on my list for over a year and is still waiting to be made - maybe it's the 12 buttonholes that put me off! x

  6. Beignet is definitely going on my next list. It would be on this one, if I'd bought fabric for it! I really want to do one in corduroy :-)

  7. Yay for lists! I've been eyeing that dress for a while (have you seen Gingers' fabulous version?) and the legwarmers look awesome! As an obsessive list maker, I appreciate having one as a roadmap for projects to come.

  8. Oh yes - Ginger's Still Light dress is one of the projects that made me even consider doing it!

  9. Gosh, thanks, guys! Veera's patterns are so lovely, and the DROPS Alpaca makes the dress somehow warm, but not hot (what?! it's amazing! and affordable!!). I'm looking forward to seeing these projects come to life (especially the boy shirts-- that fabric is so cute!).

    Hmm... I tend to be a pretty overwhelming listmaker (in life and in crafting!), but I tend to get carried away by whims. For instance, I have this long list of Christmas gift crafting that I've been planning for a while and chipping away at, but then I decided on Friday that I HAVE to have a Christmas dress, so I started working on one last night even though I don't really have the time for it and have no idea how I'll finish it before I leave Friday!

    Oh, and now I really need some legwarmers!! That's the thing-- there's endless inspiration out there, so my to-make list has taken on a life of its own!

  10. Yes, I was shocked at how inexpensive the DROPS Alpaca was!

    You made me laugh - sounds like me! Getting too carried away! I hope you get to finish your dress!


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