Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'll distract you with some pretty nails.

Here's Orly Sweet Peacock, looking glowy next to the sleeves of my 1958 sweater, which are coming along quite nicely:

Gorgeous color.  I had a little trouble applying it - it was rather thick and the first coat was quite patchy, but it evened out with the second.  I hope it lasts a while - foils tend to chip easily on my nails.


  1. Very pretty! I wish I could wear nail polish; I manage to only wear it for 5 minutes and then chip!

  2. I know - I'm so bad: I find myself neglecting the dishes because I don't want to mess up my polish!

  3. What a great color combination! Beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Kristen. I was right though - only lasted a day! And boy, did it stain my nails!


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