Monday, December 5, 2011


Hubby's ears are cold!  So I'm planning to suspend work on all other knitting until I've finished this hat for him:

No pattern, just a general idea of how I want it to be.  I'm hoping it works out. Often things look a lot better in my head than they do in real life.

And here are the pretty nails I've been sporting for the last few days:

Essie Topless and Barefoot
topped with Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above

Me likey.


  1. Teeheehee! Gotta take care of the men folks and their delicate ears!

  2. Yep. Can't have my honey getting cold!

  3. Lucky man! Oddly enough, I just received a boxful of wool that I ordered (yum!) and several skeins are for beanie knitting of the male kind. Will be casting on tonight, too.

  4. Me likey as well! Both the keeping warm of hubby's ears and the polish. I really, really like As Gold As It Gets. I want to throw it over anything. A friend who lives in Chicago picked up a bottle of Shine of the Times for me and it can't get here soon enough!

  5. Hee hee - Did you order from the Webs free shipping deal, Evelyn? I'm thinking about making him the Windschief hat after I finish this one.

    Pam: I skipped As Gold as it Gets because I have CND 24K Sparkle (dupe), and skipped Shine of the Times because I have Nubar 2010 (dupe), but I picked up both of the glitters. I like them a lot. Are the Luxeffects not available in IN yet? We just go them around here; I was seeing them for weeks online before I found them in stores here.

  6. Pretty yarn! Can't wait to see what type of hat you make with it.


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