Monday, December 26, 2011

A big week.

Hello, folks!  I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah had/is having a wonderful holiday.  We played it low-key and had dinner with some friends.  For the occasion, I wore the new Continental blouse I made on Friday:

We were running a little late, so I only had time to snap these photos in the guest bathroom mirror.  Once the sun goes down, the best light is in there!

I am absolutely in love with this Anna Maria Horner fabric.  It's called "Turn of Events" from her Innocent Crush line, in a very luxurious-feeling voile.  This fabric has such a fine hand, and the print is so beautiful, it was really a pleasure to work with.  On this one, I did hand-basting not only on the sleeves, but also on the bias neck facing.  I'm stunned that it makes such a difference in how easily and how well things come together.  I'm a convert!

I didn't take the time to write for several days, but I wasn't slacking.  In the last week, I finished a total of six projects!  If you take a look at my list tabs, you'll see lots of things crossed out.  This blouse and the failed Jasmine were the two sewing projects I did, and you've seen the hat and cowl I made for Hubby.  But I also finished my 1958 sweater, and another sweater I've never even mentioned!  So my aim is to get those photographed and up in the next few days.  I'm really happy with both of them.

And now on to the next thing.  I've started a new pair of socks for Hubby, but I'm thinking I'll be starting the Still Light  dress in the next few days too.  I can't wait to dig into that alpaca!


  1. Wow - I'm drooling over this blouse. It looks so comfortable and chic. I love the neckline on you and your sleeves look to be set-in perfectly! Beautiful job.
    I'm excited to see your knitting projects - I've had my eye on Still Light for ages but haven't taken the plunge. What color are you thinking?

  2. Thanks, Lizz! I have to admit, I'm so in love with the fabric, I ordered some more in a different color/print!

    I'm making the Still Light in Dark Petrol mix; just got done swatching, and am getting ready to cast on!

  3. Somehow, all prints and colors look terrific on you! How do you do that?? I guess it's 'cus you're so pretty and such an excellent seamstress. : )

  4. Aww . . . you're so sweet, Evelyn! I just try to only choose the colors that work on me :-) You'll rarely see me in black, because it really washes me out. And I just love color and pattern!

  5. Beautiful blouse! I love the print -- and it's very flattering on you.

  6. Thank you! I think it may be my favorite piece of sewing yet!


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