Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Piece Dress in Action

Yesterday morning Hubby took me on a date to the Chicago Botanic Garden, so I put on my new two piece dress for the occasion.  Hubby did the honors with the camera:

I think if you click you can see the belt.

Hope I didn't blind anyone with my
white, white legs!

In the rose garden . . . . mmmmmmm.

Outfit details:
Hat:  J.Crew
Two piece dress:  made by me!
Sunnies:  Ray-Ban Retro Wayfarers
Bag:  Frye Motorcycle Hobo
Sandals:  Frye Lola Gladiator
Belt:  Anthropologie

I'm so happy with this dress; it's breezy and comfy.  I'm glad I used the heavier muslin for the lining, so that I can wear this without a slip.  And one of the things I love about the Sorbetto pattern is that it hides my bra straps perfectly, so I'm not constantly adjusting!


  1. I love how you call it a 2 piece dress! And you look just lovely. Is your niece there yet?

  2. Thanks, K! Did I make that up? Isn't two-piece dress a thing? I thought it was . . . Niecy-poo comes in one week!

  3. Perfection in Action ! ! ! !

  4. You certainly aren't blinding anyone with white legs, but I know how you feel. I recently used my legs to check the white balance on my camera. I really need to get out in the sun more.
    I agree with the Sorbetto/bra strap thing. I love tank tops but finding a bra that is comfortable and works with most is a nightmare.
    Your 2-piece dress is beautiful, Gail!

  5. Thanks, Lizz! Too funny about using your legs to check the white balance! Love it! But stay out of the sun - when you get older, you'll be glad you did! ;-)

  6. Oh Gail, this truly turned out lovely. What a great outfit and “ton chapeau” is adorable! And I must confess I also really like the new photo on your heading. Is that a peony from your trip to the botanic gardens?

  7. Thanks, Andrea! I love that hat, but on seeing the pictures, it looked a little like a Pilgrim hat to me! LOL!

    The flower is the most delicious-smelling floribunda rose from the botanic garden. Truly heavenly!


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