Monday, July 11, 2011

A Happy Surprise

I think I've mentioned that my niece will be coming next week to spend about a month with us.  Well, I just found out this morning that my nephew (her cousin) decided to come tomorrow to spend about two and a half weeks!  I'm so excited to have them both with us, but it means that things are likely to slow down here for the duration.  I'll post when I can though!

My nephew came to spend a couple weeks with us at the beginning of February - the day before "Snowmageddon."  Pretty intense for a kid from Turkey who's never seen snow before!  Here's what the place looked like then:

The poor kid had to help me dig out!

So I'm excited to be able to do some summery things with him this time around! Like go to this water park that my niece loved last summer:

And ride the Water Taxi:

Now I'd better go get all my sewing projects out of the guest room!!


  1. Your summer is shaping up a bit like mine! ;-) Have fun!

  2. That's what I was thinking!! Hearing what you have going on actually made me feel a lot more calm about only having 2 kids here!


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