Sunday, July 31, 2011

My niece made me do it.

Yesterday we had a dinner date with some friends.  On the way there, my niece got hungry - too hungry to wait another hour to hour and a half for the dinner to be served.  So I took her to Walgreens, and as soon as we stepped inside, we were greeted by  this:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Set the Stage

This polish was in my mind because Twisted Knitter just posted about it the other day, and is doing a giveaway.  I had been planning on buying Sephora OPI Only Gold for Me, but when I saw this one, I felt it was a good substitute at one fifth the price.  And Niecey-poo fell in love with it.  So into our cart it went!

After she downed a bag of pistachios, she was ready to resume shopping for nail polish (!), so we also came away with this one:

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Ice Queen

This morning we were looking at some nail blogs, and I think she got inspired by Emerald Sparkled's black and gold nails post today, because she asked me to paint her toenails black and then put on the gold glitter.  Here are her toes:

They look pretty good, considering it was hard to get her to sit still long enough for them to dry!

Here are my nails from yesterday and today:

Orly Pure Porcelain

Earlier in the week we stopped by Ulta and I found this polish I'd been looking for. I'm so glad I got it; it' different from the other white polishes I own.  This one leans pink, whereas SpaRitual Driftwood leans yellow and Nubar White Peony leans grey. I love this type of color, so I'm glad I have them all.  And of the three, this one has the best formula.  This is only my third Orly polish, and except for Space Cadet, I'm really impressed with the formula and the brush.  If I found their range of colors more inspiring, I'd probably buy more of this brand.

So that was my manicure for our friends' anniversary dinner last night, and today I jazzed it up with my new gold glitter:

I'm taking a little time today and adding a new page to the blog of polishes that are available to swap.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it today, though, so if you are interested, keep checking the Swap page!


  1. I'm going to guess there wasn't a *huge* amount of arm twisting going on ;-)

  2. Hee hee - you know me too well!

  3. Not sure if you can take nail polish on a plane, but something tells me your niece would like to pack half a suitcase worth of sparkly polish to take back home.

  4. Funny though - she never wants it for herself, she just wants me to get it!

  5. Yay for nieces! I love both combos. Glitter has such great layering possilbilities and freshens up a tired mani. I just wish it wasn't such an ordeal to remove.

  6. I know - I avoided glitter for a long time for that very reason, but its siren call finally lured me in!


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