Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Slumber

The kiddies slept in laaaaaaaate yesterday, so I got a chance to do some work on Maris.  I managed to finish the first front!  Here it is with the current mani:

Zoya Skye
Nars Arabesque

I chose a picture that was slightly blurry, so you could see the sparkle.  Skye is one of the polishes I had gotten in the Earth Day Polish Exchange, and this was the first time I'd used it.  It's a nice nude, not too sheer and not to opaque.  My niece, however, was unimpressed - until I added the glitter!!

Maris has been a good project to work on in my spare moments.  It's nice and mindless . . . just what I need!


  1. Yippee for kids' late sleeps and "me time"!

  2. AAACK! I just saw a spelling error I missed! Travesty!

  3. Huh? I just re-read and my E.S.L. eyes can't spot it :)

  4. "not to opaque" - should be too! I blame my utter exhaustion!


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