Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beadless after all.

I had a tiny bit of spare time yesterday between buying oodles of groceries (hard to keep up with those teenage boys!) and picking up my nephew at the airport, so I took out the section of Saffron I had done with beads.  It just didn't look right to me; the beads were too small:

So I think I'm going to go back to the original plan of doing the embroidery, but all in the same color, so that the sweater is monochromatic, but highly textured.

In my cleaning frenzy on Monday, I managed to break a few nails, so I cut them all down, and then put on Zoya Erika:

Zoya Erika

Such a soft, shimmery shade.  I put it on at about 8:00 p.m. and decided to use Zoya Armor and the Hurry Up drops instead of a fast-dry top coat, in the hopes of avoiding shrinkage.  I went to bed a couple hours later and woke up with sheet marks!  Urrrrrrrrgh!  So I ended up topping it with fast-dry in the morning anyway.

I have a bottle of the Qtica drying drops on their way to me - a free gift with my purchase of the Smoke and Mirrors Collection - so we'll see if that one is any better.  The Hurry Up drops leave my polish feeling tacky, and obviously it never did cure.  I even got a gouge in my thumbnail a few hours after applying the fast-dry.  That tells me the polish was still uncured underneath.  This never happens to me when I use fast-dry topcoat immediately after applying polish.  So frustrating. Good thing I have some pretty pink to look at to calm my nerves.  Although there is a high likelihood that it will get covered with some metallic crackle.


  1. I think the little beads look cute... but you're the one who has to wear it, so if you’re not loving it, frog away! Hope you're enjoying time spent with your nephew.

  2. It just looked odd to me. And I have to admit, for my circumstances right now, it's a lot more pleasurable to knit this one without beads, although I do love beaded knitting.

  3. I'm with Andrea! I think the beads look great but if they are unenjoyable to knit or you think you won't wear it, frog it!

  4. Hmmm . . . now you both have me second-guessing myself! I felt like the bead was too tiny in relation to the field of each motif . . . I think a number 6 bead would have been better. Oh well!


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