Thursday, July 7, 2011


I spent a couple hours on Tuesday afternoon watching Netflix and sewing all those snaps on Capri.  It's finally finished!  I even wore it (over my blue Sorbetto with the umbrellas!) out to dinner on Tuesday night!  I had Hubby take a couple pictures with my phone, but I just look too dorky in them to share! So you'll have to settle for seeing the sweater laid out on the bed for now:

I'm quite happy with it.  And here's a fake bokeh shot of a snap:

click to see faux bokeh

Yesterday afternoon I painted my nails after two days of nakedness.  That was weird!  I've been doing a lot of cleaning out, getting ready for my niece to come, so I just didn't bother.  But I couldn't stand it any longer!  I went with Zoya Rica from the Sunshine collection:

oooooooh - glittery!

And here's how it looks against my pale peach Maris:

Literally two seconds later, same window, same light.  Isn't that interesting?

Maris is coming along.  I'm almost up to the armhole on the back.  But as nice as corrugated rib is to look at, it's kind of boring to knit.  So I'm going slower on this than I'd really like to.  And I may have started something new . . .


  1. The Capri turned out so adorable and I like that fake bokeh shot. And did you just hint at having started something new before finishing Maris? It’s funny how that happens… I almost started a Sorbetto top last night because the quilt is boring me to no end, but I held it together [sigh!]. Now if I could just finish that quilt I could get going with more interesting items…

  2. I did start something new (it's on my Ravelry page) but it doesn't look like much yet, so I probably won't post on it for a day or two. I usually have a few knitting projects going at once because I get bored looking at the same color and doing the same stitch all the time!

    Thanks for the compliment on Capri! You should really do the Sorbetto - it's (almost) instant gratification! And you did allow yourself leeway to get distracted with your summer sewing!

  3. You are a knitting machine! (And a sewing machine too, I guess, LOL!). Would this go with the latest Sorbetto/skirt combo too?

  4. hehehe - I'm a sewing machine! Good one!

    No, unfortunately it doesn't go with the Sorbetto/skirt combo. The plaid fabric is cream/brown/coral - this Capri is too pink and my other one is too orange!


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