Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Roundup

I spent the better part of the weekend sewing.  I got most of my second Ginger skirt done, then had to let it hang before hemming.  Apparently this is a good idea for items cut on the bias, although I can't honestly say I saw any difference at all between pre- and post-hang.  Here are some peeks:


I cut the waistband carefully, to look like my waist is tied up in ribbons!

The almost-finished, hanging skirt.
I'm very pleased with it!

When I started making the first Ginger (the lemon skirt), I had to get into my box of stashed fabric to find my fusible interfacing, and I found this:

printed denim

I have no recollection of where or why I bought this, but I was pretty happy to find it!  I considered making this paper-bag waist skirt with it, but then decided to stick with something I knew would look good on me, so it's well on its way to becoming Ginger #3.

Close up.  I can't figure out if the white portions are
resist (undyed) or printed on.  The white doesn't
go through to the back.

Of course all the sewing and ironing made a mess of my nails, so I put some Konad on top of Shay:

Zoya Shay
China Glaze Joy
Bundle Monster plate BM203

Please don't click on the picture!  Macro shows flaws I can't see with my bare eyes!  I like this pattern a lot more than I was expecting to.  It reminds me of endpapers in an old book.  And the China Glaze Joy - wow!  I bought the whole Romantique collection months ago, specifically for stamping, and have only used them as such. But this color is absolutely stunning, and I think I'll have to use it on its own one of these days.


  1. You have been a busy bee! I *love* the skirt and your clever use of the print motif!

  2. I clicked on the picture (and all but forgot about the skirt after reading not to click on the picture)..

    Love, love the skirt, GF!

  3. Thanks, girls! I'm pretty darned pleased with myself!

  4. You had to know that saying "don't click" meant so many more clicks than otherwise would happen. It really isn't horrifying big, either. :)

    Your ribbon skirt is very nicely done!


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