Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Being a Lady of a Certain Age, the answer to that question is usually that it's just me.  But today the answer is that Yes, it's hot in here!  In fact, it's 108 Degrees!!

China Glaze 108 Degrees, Island Escape collection, summer 2011

How pretty is that?  Hot pink with hot pink shimmer!  Sign me up!  Here's a closer (unfocused) look at the shimmer:

So summery!  This is two coats, and although this polish is a little sheer, I think two coats is enough because of all the sparkle.  I don't see any VNL.

The formula on this was great but the brush, not so much.  There was one really long bristle sticking out (how apropos for a Lady of a Certain Age! - if you're my age or older, you know what I mean!) that I had to remove, and the rest were not cut evenly.  I ordered this collection online, so I didn't have any control over the brushes.  When I buy polish in the store, I open each bottle of the color I want, inspect the brushes and choose the bottle with the best brush!  Still, it went on pretty well, and I'm just smitten with the color!


  1. 108? Holy cow that is hot. So is the nail polish, love it.

  2. Beautiful! It's 103 here. Really. Gotta love summer conferences in the desert. :)

  3. Yeesh - you need to come back to the Midwest! It's cool here!

  4. HA! I totally know what you mean on both counts. Tweezers and fans at the ready. :-)

    LOVE this color -- I think it's officially summer now.


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