Monday, June 27, 2011


You may think that there has been no knitting going on around here since sewing hijacked my life.  You would be wrong:

Both sleeves at once.

I have been working away at my Capri sweater in my non-sewing leisure moments, and have finished both fronts and the back, and have started the sleeves.  This sweater has short sleeves, so to save time I decided to do them both at once on one needle.

I say I've finished both fronts, but that's not exactly true.  I've finished all but the button bands (which in this case will have snaps).  For this design, the seven stitches for the button bands are held on holders to be picked up later and knit in garter stitch on the smaller needle.  Not my favorite thing to do, but I've knit this sweater before and the result is very nice.

Now that I'm nearing the end of this sweater, I've realized I'll have to go back to the fabric store to get the 3/4" snaps I need for it.  I'm a little afraid . . .


  1. Your previous Capri looks lovely so this pink one will be too. I don't usually knit during the summer but I think I may be able to handle it this year because we're not having the usual hot and humid Toronto summer.

  2. Thanks! I'm surprised to learn that Toronto gets hot and humid - it's so far north, I wouldn't have thought it would!

  3. Actually, we have the same weather as New York City and the lake keeps things humid. We're also not that much further north than Chicago. But this sumemr it feels like we're in monsoon season - rain non-stop and unseasonally cool temperatures.


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