Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mandarine, on a person.

Yesterday our friend graduated from the University of Chicago.  It was cold out, so I finally got to wear my Mandarine sweater, and I got Hubby to take a couple pictures.

These pictures were taken when we got home, after I had spent five hours outdoors in insufficient clothing.  My nose was running and my face was red from the cold! The temperature had continued to drop throughout the morning.  As soon as these were taken, I jumped into my warm jammies and made some espresso!

I really love the sweater, and I'm glad I got to wear it.  But I'm ready for it to be summer again!


  1. I've been reading your blog on the go and am just now finding a few moments to go back and comment :-) It looks really good, and it seems like the elbows held up well after an actual wearing (something that sometimes bothers me about knits).

  2. Yes, they did - although I wasn't in a situation where I was resting my elbows on anything, so time will tell. That's something that bothers me too.


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