Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nails n' stuff

I haven't been changing my polish much lately, mostly because I've been doing a lot of cleaning up around here, taking lots of things to Goodwill and the recycling center.  Also because I've become kind of absorbed in my library book!  But here's the color I put on two nights ago:

Zoya Avril

I love this color - for me it is the perfect browned pink.  But application was kind of tricky.  It was very thin, so I had a hard time controlling it.

Then last night, I added some Konad:

Zoya Avril
China Glaze Millennium
Konad plate m79

I love this!  I'm definitely going to do this again.  I will say though, it looked a lot better last night.  I've already been doing a lot of work with my hands today!  No matter, I'll be taking it all off later, because my Zoya Touch collection is due to arrive today!

I just got done making the first batch of thyme lemonade of the summer - yay!! Can't wait til it's cool!  And now, I have some weeding to do in the garden :-)


  1. This is not getting for me, Gail.
    The Nudes and near-nudes, hmmm, nope NOT FOR ME.
    However, I do love it on you with the sparkles. :^)

    I downloaded a sample of your library book to see if it's something I'll read. I'll let you know.

    It's hot here today. Will be hotter through Tuesday. 8*0


    yes, yes, I need to clean and straighten. just as soon as I finish my Hang Ten sox.

  2. You sure won't like my three new Zoyas then! LOL!

  3. So you got the complete sampler? I'm thinking Minka will be best for me, but I want to see it in person. I popped in to Ulta, but they didn't have it yet. They *did* have the Essie Resort collection but not the Brazilliant. So I'm guessing Resort will go to salons and Ulta while Brazilliant was for the retail locations like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens?

  4. I did get the complete sampler. I'm a sucker for nudes! I was surprised to get it today; I pre-ordered, but I thought they weren't shipping until June 1. So I was pretty happy!

    I'm now stalking Ulta for the new Serena Glam Slam: the set with the purple and the silver sparkle. LOVE! I'm all hooked up now on Essie - complete sets of both Resort and Braziliant!

  5. I'm holding off on the Touch until I see more swatches, though the ones I have seen look nice.

    Thyme lemonade sounds divine!

  6. Thyme Lemonade ? ? ? ? ? ?
    I've got to get to some thyme and take a whiff.
    Gail, I know you go primarily for the 'nudes' - great ! !
    more 'brights' for me ! ! ! !
    Though I do know you have those also.

  7. Cool book!
    I have a cookbook from my family that dates back to 1887...makes me wonder if they came through those tenement houses too....

  8. Lots of interesting comments in there about the Irish! Learned some stuff!


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