Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm talking about Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, IL.

I went in yesterday to get this:

embroidered cotton

Isn't that cute?  I had seen it the other day when I was at Vogue getting the zipper for my third Ginger skirt.  I decided to try out the new (free download!) Sorbetto Top pattern from Colette.  It's dotted swiss, one of my favorite fabrics:

Well, by the time I walked out, I had this:


Look at these lovelies!  I just couldn't resist!

Cotton voile!  I LOVE voile!  This might become another Sorbetto,
or I might try copying the pattern of a top I bought from
Boden years ago and love.

More cotton voile!  How could I not bring this
adorable print home?!

Heavier cotton with 4% lycra.
border print!  I'm a total sucker for
border prints!  This will become a skirt.
Because I don't have enough skirts.

More embroidered cotton, gauze this time.
My camera wouldn't capture it, but this is a
bright tangerine orange.  And you know how
happy that makes me!  This will be a
Sorbetto too.

I did show some restraint though - there were a few other fabrics I wanted but passed on.  For now.  The best part?  I got all this, plus a zipper for the skirt, for $34!  And that's including our exorbitant Chicago sales tax!  Yay!


  1. I completely accidentally bought these other fabrics, and I can't blame you one cuteness!

  2. Between the knitting and the nail polish, I often tell myself sewing is NOT a hobby I need to pick up. :) You might be changing my mind. Very nice.

  3. I guess it wouldn't be as much of an accident if I went back and got the others I wanted . . .

    I'm pretty sure the sewing bug will pass; it usually does. But for now, I'm kind of obsessed!


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