Monday, February 3, 2014

Stash Diet Round Up: January

Welcome to the first Stash Diet Round-Up!  Here are the end-of-month results I received in my mailbox this month.  There are even more FOs over in the group pool - lots of people got right to business this month using stash.

First up is Stephanie, who used up a whopping 6 yards of fabric for making her first Renfrew:  3 for the muslin and 3 for the final product.  Way to go, Stephanie!

How cute is Ela in her new shirtdress?!  She has a small but beautiful stash, and managed to work up this sweet dress this month - with pintucks AND plaid matching!

My co-organizer Andrea knocked out two Stash Diet makes this month:  her Hemlock tee and her Sheath dress.  Both from fabrics she bought here in Chicago when she visited in December!

Also from Toronto, Dieter Sara used up both yarn and fabric stash this month.  No hard numbers here, but she seems happy with her loss!  She made LOTS of hats, and a super cute Plantain:

Kristin knocked it out of the park this month by using up 8.5 yards of fabric from her stash.  Her daughter was the beneficiary of a lot of this sewing, receiving some pajamas, shorts and a cute tunic:

Kristin also spent a lot of time perfecting the fit on her Alma blouse, and it really shows in her beautiful FO:

 She's currently doing the same for the Lady Skater Dress.  Here's her first muslin:

I was experiencing heightened SewJo for a good part of the month, so I managed to use up 7 of my stashed fabrics!  I made 6 finished items from the stash, and used one piece as a muslining fabric for my pencil skirts.  Too lazy to put all the links - you'll find them in my 2014 Sewing FOs page up above :-)

That's it for this month.  If you wanted to be included but didn't send me your links and photos, you can go ahead and do that and I'll add them on.  See this post for details.  Otherwise, onwards and upwards!  Or should I say, downwards?!


I've gotten a couple more emails, and am working on updating this page.

Karen over at Taivahalla reports the following:
4 pieces of clothing
6 yards
No purchases
Way to go, Karen!
 Shar (my jeans buddy) put together this nice collage of her four makes from the month - two of which also qualified for Jungle January!  She told me earlier that having to work from stash inspired her to use up that pretty plaid in the lower right corner, which had been languishing for a while.

And Becky used one looooong piece of stashed olive green twill to make two garments:  a pair of pants and a skirt!


  1. Yes! Great job to everyone. I love that bird shirt :D so cute!

  2. Drat, I meant to send you stuff and the time just completely got away from me! I'll do that now. :)

  3. Wow! Some serious sewing productivity here! 7 items, Gail! That's awesome! It was pretty much a sewing fail for me this month but February will be better! On the agenda are the following: finish my Sewaholic Minoru (has been in progress since September), a black jersey wrap dress, a Mathilde with a modified back, a fuchsia wool crepe Chardon skirt, and a highly modified Colette Albion for their sewalong (who can resist trying for a fancy new sewing machine!). Will see how I do on this list!

    1. And some knitting! Finish my Slanted Sleeven cardigan (needs one more sleeve and some elbow patches... maybe) and my Kara cardigan (have still not seamed!). And at least start my Oshima!

  4. There are some great pieces here that I would love on my closet.

  5. Thanks for the roundup! It's great to see what everyone is up to on the diet group. You, my friend, are on a roll with your sewing!


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