Tuesday, October 30, 2012


One of the items on my agenda this fall was to make a hat out of some beautiful plum-colored handspun 2-ply I made a few years ago.  A couple of weeks ago I spent some time perusing the hat patterns on Ravelry, and had just about decided on Tears of Bronze by Po Lena.  Then Evelyn reminded me of the Hinagiku Hat pattern that had been in my Ravelry library for a couple of years, and I realized it was exactly the kind of textured pattern I'd been wanting for this yarn.  So I made one.

This is such a great pattern; I highly recommend it.  Very well-written and easy to follow.  It even includes a couple photos showing how to do the daisy stitch, so I think it's beginner-friendly. 

The hat is a beanie with just the right amount of slouch.  The twisted rib is wide, to cover your ears.  And just look at that texture!

I won't lie - working the daisy stitch every other row is time consuming.  But I think there's a big pay-off.  I wouldn't hesitate to knit this again in another color.

The crown is decreased quickly, to give that gathered look at the top:

A very satisfying project.  And one of the best parts is, I still haven enough yarn left over to make some matching mitts!


  1. That is a beautiful Gail and I adore the color, I think plum is THE color for this season, I love it!

  2. What a lovely hat, just the kind I like. You have an eye for interesting projects!

  3. A perfect match for one another!

  4. That yarn is gorgeous! And the texture of that pattern is such a great fit for it. [Added to my Ravelry queue!]

  5. Super cute! I want to knit a big-ish beanie for myself this winter. I'll definitely have to remember this one.

  6. Wow, that texture is lovely, and of course the yarn choice is fantastic as always.

  7. Oooooo I LOVE your hat. This has to be one of my most favourite colour - and I can't go past a bit of texture! Perfect!

  8. Ooh, this is gorgeous! I've had this in my queue for ages-- may need to bump it up to the top!

    1. I wore it on our walk today, and that wide ribbing really kept my ears warm!

  9. I love that colour... :) You have to model it! :)


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