Saturday, October 27, 2012

A big improvement.

Today's FO is a feat not of engineering or workmanship, but of overcoming lethargy.  I finally made a needle case for my DPNs.

I know, it's kind of ridiculous for someone who has been knitting for 40 years to not have made one of these sooner.  What can I say?  Pure laziness.

Previously, most of my DPNs were housed in a felted knit pouch, along with my crochet hooks, short circular needles and stitch holders.  Every time I wanted a set of DPNs, I'd have to take everything out of the pouch and dig through them all.

Much emptier now!

And as you can imagine, since the fabric is felted knit, the needles were always poking through.

Since I've been making a lot of mitts lately, I've been having to dig out the DPNs, and it finally got to me.  This morning Hubby had to go to a workshop, so I took the opportunity to round up some scrap fabric and make my needle case.

Now, as far as needle cases go, this one is nothing special.  And if you look closely, you'll see a lot of wonky stitching, since I'm still trying to figure out Mags' tension settings.  But it gets the job done, and it only took me an hour to make.

I stitched channels for the needles, and also for the fold lines to keep things neat.

Recognize these fabrics?

Even though it's not perfect, I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, and I'm sure I'll be very happy next time I need to get out a set of DPNs.  I'll need to make at least one more of these, and I  know some of you knitters are looking for easy projects to get started with sewing.  So if anyone wants me to document my next one and do a little tutorial, let me know!


  1. So cute! And think how organized you'll be!

  2. Is the outside fabric from one of your Sorbetto tops? And the inside looks like it could be your Clovers - I'm so curious to know! Nice needle roll, and I bet it's even nicer not having to dig into a pouch every time you need DPNs.

  3. I could use some needle organisation for sure- it's chaos! Yours looks really nice :)

  4. I've made one in the exact same style for my own needles, although my fabric wasn't as pretty as yours. But watch out, you may have a pretty new storage place, however, you may not always take the time to put needles back in their special pocket and before you know it you'll have a crazy mess! Well, at least that's my story.

    1. Mine weren't in any kind of order to begin with, so it won't matter!

  5. I need to make one of these, but not right now, I'm too busy learning to *use* my dpns... ;-)

  6. I'm telling ya... it's the little things that we always skip to make. Why? Pure laziness!

  7. I should make myself one of these! My dpns are a mess. Thanks for the inspiration.


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