Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Costa Azzurra

Last week when I was sick, I really wanted to sew something, but didn't have the mental or physical energy to start on any of the projects on my list.  So I made an iPad cover from some fabric that's been sitting in my stash for YEARS:

I got this from Andrea over at Stitch Parade, who got it from DixieMango.  This little project hardly takes any time, and was so fun.  I could see making a bunch of these in different fabrics.  And finally a use for all those cool fabrics at Ikea that are really too heavy for garments!

I bought this fabric at least 12 years ago, and made a skirt out of it, which sadly was a fail.  It never fit properly because that was before I knew how to alter the pattern for my shape!  So it ended up at Goodwill.  But I had a piece left over big enough to make probably four of these iPad covers - a pretty good size.

Looking at this little cover makes me happy.  It's such a spring-like print:  pale greens with pink and magenta and turquoise!  It says "Costa Azzurra" in various places and my favorite part is the swimming pool replete with lounge chairs and a bistro table holding some delicious looking cocktails:

I'm going to say they're Pomegranate Martinis, because that's one of my favorites:

Ahhhh . . . can't you just imagine sitting there by the pool, and looking beyond to the sea, sipping your Pomegranate Martini?  Me too!

And when you turn around and look over your shoulder, you see some lovely roses and Roman ruins:

If you would like to make your own Pomegranate Martini, all you need is 3 oz. pomegranate juice, 1 oz. vodka and 1/2 oz. triple sec.  Shake it all up with some ice, strain into an appropriately chic martini glass and find yourself a lounge chair!


  1. It looks great! Now I’m thinking about pomegranate martinis, and the beach, and summer time in the Mediterranean… Oh, a girl can dream :)

  2. Cute! This fabric is so fun and summery!

  3. Super cute! Oh, to be in a lounge chair sipping a pomegranate martini!

  4. Oh it's lovely! I need to make one of those, I'm scared to carry my iPad anywhere after what happened to my iPod Touch when I dropped it. :(

  5. Love that fabric! Your recipe is loaded with antioxidants, you should probably have at least one a day!


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