Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's all about the sweater. And the glasses. And the hair and the shoes.

I put on my retro outfit today and got Hubby to take some pictures before we headed out with his sister and her husband:

Hubby does not like my new glasses, so this one is for him:

I put my hair up in a 1940s 'do and put on my Frye Carson oxfords as well:

Poor Hubby.  He's really not feeling the retro look, but I love it!

And one last shot with the glasses:

I think you can tell I really love my new sweater!


  1. Seems your Hubby is a good sport about your 'style'.

    Love the look.

    Intrigued my your hair-do.


  2. Love the sweater and those glasses are awesome. Hubby may not be feeling the retro look, but you are rocking it!

  3. I LOVE the new glasses-- you look fab! My husband always laughs at anything vintage, too (or worse, he says, "wait, I think my grandma had that dress!").

  4. So adorable!

    Guys never like the clothes that Girls like! They just don't know style.

  5. Thank you ladies! More votes for my team! I had a good time teasing Hubby about it today!

  6. I'm loving the look--especially how the tights pick up on the pop of color from the sweater and the fab hair. Sorry, DH!

  7. Poor Hubby. He's so downtrodden!

  8. found you via ravelry, and just have to say, this is so awesome! the sweater and the entire outfit - just love it!

  9. Found you from searching the frye oxfords on google!! Hehe. I'm ordering a pair and wondered if you have a recommendation on size? Reviews say to size down 1/2 size??


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