Saturday, November 26, 2011


Back home now, after spending a lovely two days with my family in Michigan.  I ended up wearing one Ginger skirt and packing another, and I was pleased that I styled each of them in a new way.

On Thanksgiving, I wore my "Special Ginger" - the one I made for the Sewalong with the pretty bow print fabric.  I had Hubby snap a pic right before we hit the road:

This is really more of a spring and summer skirt, but after I made it this summer, I never wore it!  It felt so special to me that I was keeping it for a special occasion - which never materialized!  I realized it was silly to have a piece I'd made and loved just hanging in the closet, and inspired by the styling posts Caitlin has been doing on the Colette blog, I paired it with a plain white tank, dark charcoal sweater, charcoal tights and black booties.  I was pretty pleased with the look, and happy to finally wear my skirt.

This worked for me because the patterning on the skirt contains white, medium grey, dark grey and black against the pale jade background.  I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but I tend to be a matchy-matchy person!  I really have a hard time putting together outfits with contrasting colors, especially with print fabrics.  Any ideas out there of alternate ways I could style this skirt?

On Black Friday (in which I did not participate), I wore my "Magic Ginger."  I call it that because it goes with so many tops I have!  I wore it with an ecru tank and the Ash shrug/cardi I had knit years ago from Rowan 36.  It was nice and warm so I got to go bare-legged with some plain black ballet flats.  But I didn't get any photos until later in the day, by which time we were bowling.  Not the most appropriate outfit for bowling, but it was a whole lot of fun!  I stink at bowling, by the way!

Sorry if my white legs are blinding you!

And here are some gratuitous shots of the lake near which I grew up.  I took it for granted as a kid and never really realized what a pretty lake it is.

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and that those who don't had a stellar end to the week!


  1. Love your "Magic Ginger"! It looks so cute.

  2. Ooh, your sweet "Special Ginger"! I think that was my favorite one from Sunni's sewalong! I'm glad you were able to find a way to style it for cooler weather! Where do you go in Michigan? My parents moved to Sturgis a few years ago, so we spent Thanksgiving day there.

  3. Isn't it great when one finds a pattern that can be made again and again - each time with winning results ! ! !


  4. Ginger - we're about 40 miles northeast of your folks, in Battle Creek :-) So close!

    Gerry - yes, this pattern is really a winner for me!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely holiday and were stylish to boot! I have to say that I love your Rowan cardigan -- to think that you knit that a while back ... oh my!

  6. Thanks, Evelyn! I'm slowly adding my pre-Ravelry sweaters to my projects page, but there are a whole lot of them still undocumented!

  7. Love both of the skirts and the Rowan sweater! Thanks for the gratuitous lake shots. They are beautiful!

  8. Good job putting together your Thanksgiving outfits - they look great. I'm also a matchy-matchy kind of dresser, so I have no tips for you but I must confess I always like your outfits. I’ll say this again: you have a killer sense of style!

  9. Thanks, Andrea! At least matchy-matchy is good for traveling!

  10. Ooh, Battle Creek! I always wanted to do a tour of the Kellogg's factory when I was a kid (I have no idea why, although I ate a LOT of cereal)! You guys are practically neighbors!

  11. I never took the tour. Isn't that weird? Seems like it would be de rigueur for school field trips, but no.


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