Monday, November 14, 2011

I really should be cleaning . . .

The family's all gone now, and I have mountains of laundry and loads of cleaning to do.  But I'm so excited about my new knitting project, I couldn't wait to share it, so I'm taking a little break!

When I graduated from college and moved out of my parents' house, I lifted a couple of my mom's old knitting magazines.  I (much) later confessed, and she told me that since she hadn't even missed them, I was welcome to keep them!  They were the first of my small collection of vintage knitting patterns, and still my favorites (because they were Mom's).

Pretty much every fall, I tell myself that this year, I'm going to knit an actual vintage pattern.  I've never followed through.  It was on my mind again the last few weeks, so right before my family came, I dug out all my vintage pattern books.  I ended up not having time to browse through them though.

Yesterday morning I finally had a spare half hour to sit down with  my knitting.  I dug out my Wallace sweater, which I haven't looked at for ages.  I just wasn't feeling it; the original pattern calls for a yarn with some halo, and my stockinette in the Louet Gems just looked flat.  So I ripped out the whole thing, then got out one of Mom's old books to see if I could find a better use for the yarn.

And I think I did!

Here's the magazine:

I'm doing the cover sweater to the left.  Here's a closer look:

And a look at the black and white picture next to the pattern, which I think shows the texture better:

And here's my fresh beginning:

The magazine is called Bernat No. 65:  Bulky Knits Designed by Mirsa of Italy for Women and Men.  (I did a little google search, and there are some copies out there available to buy.) I'm curious if this one was originally my mom's - it was published in 1958, at which point she wasn't even 20 yet.  One pattern is missing - a men's pullover.  Will have to ask Mom about this!

The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn to be knit on size US5 (3.75mm) needles, but my yarn is a very dense DK weight, and to get gauge I had to go down to a size US3 (3.25mm).  This eyelet mock cable is a much better use for this ropey yarn - it gives the fabric a springiness that the yarn itself lacks.

So, wish me luck with this project!  Sometimes I feel like certain yarns in my stash are doomed - I can just never seem to find the right project for them.  I'm really hoping this one works out!


  1. But, Gail, look at the money you save by not having to buy new yarn. :*)

    Your swatch IS looking good. Great warmth to your color.

    What, knit-in pockets??? I like the collar with the wide button band. . . . . I think.

    Hey, gal, indecision isn't all that bad.


  2. I know! And the yarn only cost me $1 a skein in the bargain bin to begin with!

    I do love me some knit-in pockets! I always need a place for my Kleenex!

  3. I don't think you need any luck -- your swatch looks spot on and I have to say that it's a lovely pattern. Thanks for reminding me to snoop around my mom's old knitting books/patterns when I next visit at Thanksgiving. I may just find some treasures.

  4. That's a great texture! Is it one of those vintage patterns that has really limited sizing and will you have to do some adjustments? How are the directions so far?

  5. No, it actually has the directions for bust measurements 34, 36, 38 and 40" - I'm doing the smallest size. The directions seem pretty clear too, so I'm hoping for a win!


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